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Agency specifications

They are legal or natural persons who have permission for the relevant form of job placement, granted by the Directorate-General of the Labour Office.

Job placement may be carried out by employment agencies free of charge or as a business activity for remuneration, including for profit.

Employment agencies can carry out job placement in the territory of the Czech Republic or from the territory of the Czech Republic to abroad and from abroad to the territory of the Czech Republic.

Forms of job placement by an employment agency

Employment law specifies three basic forms of job placement by employment agencies:

  • seeking employment for a natural person applying for a job;
  • finding suitable employees for an employer looking for new workers;
  • employing individuals to perform their work for the user – another legal or natural person who assigns the work and supervises its execution.

Finding employment for a natural person

Employment agencies represent job seekers in contact with companies and help them with all the essentials of finding a job.

Candidates turn to agencies on the basis of recommendation or via internet searches, as well as job fairs. The employment agency enters the candidate's personal data into the applicant database if a suitable job is not available.


Finding employees for employers

Cooperation between the employer and the employment agency usually consists of several stages.

  • Preliminary consultation, whereby the employer formulates the contract, requirements for recruitment and selection of workers.
  • Selection of employees by the client, whereby the agency ensures that the employee meets the customer and helps to conduct the interview.
  • Final agreement on all issues between the candidate and the client.
  • Warranty conditions, commitment to replace unsuitable employee.

Employment of individuals to perform work for users

One of the basic forms of job placement by an employment agency is the employment of individuals to perform their work for users or agency employment. The employment agency may assign its employee temporarily to work for the user only on the basis of a written agreement on the temporary assignment of the employee concluded with the user. An employment agency cannot temporarily assign a green card, blue card, employment permit, or a disabled person to work for a user.


Conditions for granting a job placement permit

Employment agency permits are issued by the Labour Office upon application by a natural or legal person. The condition for granting permission to a legal entity is integrity and fulfilment of the conditions by a natural person who performs the function of a responsible representative for the purpose of job placement. Conditions for granting a permit to a natural person are attainment of the age of 18 years, good character, professional experience in the field of job placement or in the field for which job placement is to be allowed, in the range of at least 2 years for a person with a university degree and 5 years for a person with a secondary education.

Employment agency insurance

The employment agency is obliged to arrange guarantee insurance in the event of its bankruptcy, under which the seconded employee becomes entitled to benefits in the event that the employment agency has not paid their salary due to its bankruptcy.

An employment agency must be insured that performs job placement under Section 14 (1) (a), (b), (c) of the Employment Act.

We hold all job placement permits specified in the relevant provisions of the Employment Act and employment agency insurance is an integral part of our business, which we also have and without which it would not be possible to conduct our business.

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